Blogmas Day Seventeen – Week in the Life of You

My week hasn’t been exciting. I haven’t posted much. Each day I think about how I was suppose to post something. When it came time to do it I sat there staring at the screen. These are the things that I did when I wasn’t working.

IMG_3473I went and got lunch with my cousin. I always had this idea that everyone would be super close in my family. We would do weekly dinners. We aren’t like that though. I dont leave my house often. We’ve planned on hanging out all summer but never got around to it. She’s a lot like how I was at her age. I lectured her. That was the age that life changed. I want better for her. She can be so much more than I am. I made her clean her room because having a clean room makes it seem like you kind of have your life together. While she did that I held her snake. Clearly it loved me.


Pasta is generally my go to food. When I was younger we would always cook with my grandma. I tried to make the dough twice. I couldn’t get it all to go together so I ended up driving to her house for help. Safe to say that kneading dough is not one of my talents.  Turns out that you can use a food processor. I haven’t made any pastas in years. In the end the dough was thicker than it should have been. Overall tortellini turned out decent. Next time it will be better. (Shaping them is so frustrating)


IMG_3492I mailed out half of my Christmas cards but forgot to put half of them in the box. The mail lady already came so I drove to the post office to drop them off. I stopped at 7-11 on my way home. I bought this to try (I didn’t like it). It was a weird day. I felt off. I sat in the church parking lot. When I’m really lost that’s what I do. I decided to go in because I didn’t remember what the inside looked like. I’m not religious. I was baptized and made first communion. I dont dismiss the fact of god but I dont believe in it either. The world is much bigger than me. Who am I to say what’s out in the unknown. Anyhow, I went in and listened for about forty minutes. I didn’t understand anything.

IMG_3537I went to my dads best friends work. His company runsIMG_3541 some part of some GM thing. I don’t know. I had not been to it yet so we went. The building is beautiful and I got lost multiple times. The view rom the front is the river front. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was a cloudy day. Always neat to see Canada though. A few months ago I had this thing where I just had to go see the bridge to get into Canada. I dont have an enhanced license so I could cross. I parked somewhere and walked along the water. It was one in the morning. I ended up walking past this building that it’s in. Since it’s GM owned they had the newest cars there. I drive a GMC and I was informed that the chevy version of my car has more space. So I ended up being a little sour about it.



Blogmas Day Fifteen – What’s on My Christmas Tree

We have always had a fake Christmas tree. Each year we would put it up closer and closer to Christmas. Getting out the tree, putting on the lights, figuring out with decorations go where. I end up losing my patients and getting grumpy. Then you have to take it all down. It’s just too much work. The year before last we just kind of said forget it.  So last year I was grocery shopping and saw these little trees. I decided that was going to be our Christmas tree. Here we are a year later. My mom kept it alive and now it’s our tree again.  This year the angles on the top are Tom Selleck and Prefontaine (my choices). I also bought my Christmas cactus and it’s started to bloom a bit!


Blogmas Day Thirteen – What You’re Reading.


51Hu32VykgL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_I’ve been busy off in my own world lately. Knitting and cleaning. I haven’t started a new book so I’m not reading anything at the moment but last week I finished The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. It’s a solid book. While I was reading this I watched a few episodes of the Netflix show Sick Note. They reference this book and ruin the end. I’m starting Pretty Girls tomorrow.

Blogmas Day Twelve – Holiday Card


These are the two cards that I sent out this year. Now I’m not one for glitter but every year I send out a set of cards that have glitter in them. The first year I sent out cards my friend Pat would how he would find glitter everywhere from it. Because I like to be inconvenient to others I would make sure that he had a glitter card. This year I went and got these cards and he had the nerve to decide that he didn’t want a card this year. He has a new girlfriend and all that so I get it but still. I know these cards aren’t super awesome. I didn’t take my dogs to see Santa this year so I didn’t have that picture to send out.

Enjoy past Payne Family holiday card photos.

  1. 2004 Why we had an elf costume is beyond me. Chances are I begged to be the one to wear it. That was my first dog Lucky. The love of my life. Worlds greatest dog.
  2. Possibly 2005. I knitted that wrist band and I thought I was ridiculously cool wearing it.
  3. 2012. B had long hair and it was gorgeous (it’s hella short now). I would like to note that she is wearing my shirt and boots. I wanted to wear it for the picture but she said the only way she would be in it is if she could wear it.
  4. 2015. Rilo was still a little baby. We went to the pet store to get her picture taken and it turned out to be this whole  photo shoot.
  5. 2016. Rilo and Conroy got to see Santa at the mall.

IMG_9188IMG_3499IMG_3160IMG_5926IMG_8562 (1)

The Tide That Left and Never Came Back.

I constantly feel like I’m giving my all to people. Being there for them when they need someone or even when they don’t. Yet when I need someone those people aren’t around.

Growing up the one character that I related to most was Peyton Sawyer. Not just because we had some of the same shirts but from the music, hopes, dreams and emotions, all that 980xjazz. Plus I was a sucker for the car she drove.  She made sense to me. I was always envious that she was able to express herself through art. You should know that a stick figure and sun in the corner is about as good as it gets when it comes to my ability to draw. The way she carried herself and got through things was how I wanted to be when I was older.  Things were always messy with her but she got her happy ending. No one sticks around forever. Sometimes people fall back into your life others just make an appearance but no one is ever a constant. Driving around with no destination in mind while listening to songs you love always seems to be the answer. A good song has the capability of changing your day. The only person you can really count on is yourself.


If I had a way with words and knew how to explain my feelings it would be something like the following quotes of hers.

“I want to believe in it all again. Music and art, fate and love, and I want to believe that I’ve made the right choices, and I’m still on the right path, and theres still time to fix some of the mistakes I’ve made. I guess I want hope.”

“I think everybody deserves a shot. If you really want something bad enough, no one has the right to stand in your way.”

“My life is pretty good. It really is but I’m searching for something to make it great. Something to make it matter.”


Blogmas Day Ten – A Look At My Phone

IMG_3483 IMG_3484 IMG_3485

Phone background: We have so many pictures that are printed because when I was younger disposable cameras were really the only thing. Scanning them individually takes a lifetime. So we took the film strips to the store and they put them on a disc. This film strip was from like 1992. It was kind of screwed up so the pictures ended up meshing together. It’s something from a hot air ballon show. Anyhow I like it. It’s been my background from years.

The rest of my phone is not exciting. The first page is set to the things that I use most. Years ago I tried to make it so that none of the rows would have would have the same color in them but whatever. The second page is just things I randomly use. The third page is just a collection of apps that I hate but can’t delete.

If you want a good laugh heres me when I was a little tot.


Blogmas Day Nine – Holiday Playlist


The Maine is a band that stole my heart right from the beginning. I frequently go back and listen to CSWS and just hearing how much they’ve grown from each album amazes me. It’s not just their music that makes them great. Each time they take a new risk and it always pays off. As a band they’re something else. From their free tour to their 1823 fest. They care about their fans. You can’t watch this video and song and not be amazed.

My best friend in middle school would always randomly sing this. The other day I was driving in my car to work listening to Christmas music and this came on. I cried. It was something that I had completely forgotten. Anyhow I find it hilarious.


Let me break this down for you because it seems like an odd choice and it is. If you can’t agree with me that Taylor Momsen is a total babe and just all around amazing then we can argue about that at another time. Little baby Taylor is precious. Obviously if I have the chance to include her in something I will.

I can’t help but to laugh at the facial expressions in the beginning of the video. The Ramones are always a go to jam. This song is no exception.

This is my holiday Spotify playlist. It’s nothing exciting. I am not much of a Christmas music person. This is such a disappointing post. I’m sorry.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 12.41.34 PMScreen Shot 2018-12-09 at 12.41.45 PMScreen Shot 2018-12-09 at 12.42.05 PM

Significance of Being Insignificant.

Eight days into blogmas and I figured I should take a minute and make a post on what has been on my mind recently. My head is foggy and I’m wild with frustration. At myself, the person I have been for the last ten years and the person that I am becoming.

There aren’t a lot of things that I really want in life. I can’t necessarily say that I’m happy. At this moment I can’t say that I am sad though either. I’m somewhere floating in the middle just making it through one day, into the next. I don’t mind it being that way. Would I like it to change? Yeah, sure. I’m not worrying if it doesn’t though.

I just took an hour break because I lost my train of thought (is that the phrase?) and I’m watching a show and this lady said something about how she didn’t mind being alone but she didn’t want to be insignificant and holy moly me oh my did that hit the nail on the head. Well I don’t want to be alone. Stupid people (actually really great people) had to walk into my life once upon a time and make me feel things. That’s not the point. Right now I’m insignificant. Why am I not one of those people who just goes for it. Gets on a plane, takes the adventure, follow the silly ideas inside my head. Theres a fire inside me that is dying because I suck and don’t do the things I want to do.

I try so hard to be enough. Not for myself but for everyone else. That’s the kind of person I am. I need others approvals. Not always. I have always wanted people to be proud of me. So I try hard and it’s gotten me nowhere. Sitting in bed at on a Saturday night. Pounding away at the keyboard. Putting letters into words that most likely won’t make sense to anyone who reads it. Do people even read this?

The worst is when you meet someone and theres just something about them. You can’t put your finger on it but you know it’s there. They make you feel like you are invincible. They think that your weird ideas are worth pursuing. You could be worthless but you’re not worthless to them. I don’t have that anymore and it drives me crazy. I’m the only one to blame for this happening. I have my chances. I get scared and push people away. How frickin’ typical is that (working on not swearing as much.) Trying to be my friend is no easy task. Nor is staying around when I get difficult. People get this idea of me. That somehow I’m something wonderful. In the beginning it’s always the same. ‘Harper I want to get to know you. You’re the bees knees.’ (Not the exact phrasing they use but it’s cooler than saying you fascinate me or you’re interesting.) Give it three months. I seem like something awesome. Then I start to rely on people and that’s when it all goes down hill. I get clingy. I end up getting so use to talking to someone all the time when it changes I don’t know what I’m suppose to do. Letting go has never been one of my strong suits. I talked about this with Ryan not so long ago. (It’s kind of funny because we faded away too) How becoming dependent on someone only screws you over in the end. So, sorry to disappoint all those people who have talked to me and think that I’m one of those people who are all chill and don’t give a shit. I do. I don’t get how you can care about someone for so long then it’s like you never knew each other. Oh, I’ve had such lovely people in my life over the last ten years. Sure, I shouldn’t have switched high schools or taken online classes. One of my biggest regrets. I think about it daily.

Anyhow, ‘If you could have any super power what would it be?’ People ask that question all the time. We go with something like being invisible, ability to fly, or something along those lines. I know exactly what I want my super power to be though. I want the power to take everyones pain away. If I could I would suck up everyones pain and suffer miserably if it meant the world didn’t have to feel it. Maybe that’s a little dramatic. That would be my super power though.

Okay. I need to go back and knit this blanket I’m working on. I have to restart it all because of three mistakes. I could have left them but it would have lost sleep over it.

Blogmas Day Eight – Favorite Christmas Films

I spent about forty five minutes yelling at my navigation system today. The ramp was closed for at least five miles and it kept telling me to turn. Leading me to get stressed and go in multiple circles. I finally got back on my way home I stopped at Guitar Center. I ended up buying myself an acoustic guitar. It’s beautiful. I should practice more. Boy. I suck.



Each year we watch Family Stone. We laugh at Meredith and they tell me how I’m like Amy. No complaints there. Die Hard is just an obvious choice. I’m a fan of McClane and Powells relationship. It’s not your typical Christmas movie but that’s what makes it great.


Blogmas Day Seven- What’s In My Bag

I have owned two purses in my entire life. One was when I was seven. It was white, tiny and ugly. It made me feel cool to bring it to the mall acting like I actually had more things to carry in it than just twenty dollars. My second is a black Marc Jacobs purse. I bought it a few years in Chicago because it turns out that it’s not acceptable to bring a backpack everywhere. I think I’ve used it three times.

I’m a big believer in backpacks. They’re my favorite. In sixth grade my aunt from California sent my sister and I two backpacks (I took them both). One was silver and one was green. I used them as my school bags for the next four years. I was known as the girl with big shiny backpacks and people some called me space girl. Though my super neat backpacks have started to peel over the years I still use them any time I  go somewhere and it involves bringing school work or my lap top. I refuse to get rid of them.  I have two other backpacks. Both Marc Jacobs as well (sensing a trend?) one is average sized, floral designed. I bring it just about everywhere with me. The zippers constantly get stuck on the inside lining and chances are if you’re around me when I’m opening or closing it you’ll hear me swear a few times. The second one is a mini blue one. It’s for when I don’t care to lug around the floral one. In these I carry around my everyday items or whatever I would put in a purse if I used one.


A month ago I went through and switched some of my stuff from my car and backpack so it doesn’t currently contain everything that it usually does.

What’s currently in the bag at the momentIMG_3461

  1. Lomo’Instant Automat camera (I think I actually broke it the other day)
  2. Film for the camera
  3. A lifeline survival kit in a can (I’ve only used it twice. Once for the knife and another for the rope when I was making a blanket fort)
  4. Tie dye bag containing a phone charger
  5. Secret deodorant
  6. Old Spice ‘Swagger’ deodorant
  7. Tampons (I never carried them with me until this year because one time someone asked me for one and I didn’t have any so lesson learned.)
  8. Hair ties and scrunchesIMG_3462
  9. PBR Tombstone Kozzie (My friend use to work at a liquor store and gave it to me. It glows in the dark.)
  10. Lacrosse ball
  11. Brest cancer hockey puck
  12. Foldable wetbrush
  13. Pepper spray
  14. Little container with an alien on it for my sleeping pills.
  15. Bottle opener
  16. Mini Silly Putty
  17. One purple pen
  18. Lotion
  19. Black bag of makeup
    1. Tooth brush and toothpaste
    2. Urban Decay lash primer (probably expired)
    3. Urban Decay mascara (also probably expired. I wear mascara maybe twice a year. I rub my eyes too much to wear it + it feels gross.)
    4. Dot roll on perfume
    5. Tweezerman nail clippers
    6. Black liquid eyeliner

Things I also normally have in my bags

  1. Snacks and Gum
  2. First Aid Kit
  3. Alcohol
  4. Sunscreen during the summer.

I do also have just a black bag I take when I go fishing. So that has some stuff in it too.

  1. Hooks
  2. Weights
  3. Knife
  4. Worms
  5. Drinks
  6. Portable charger
  7. First Aid Kit.