Blogmas Day Twelve – Holiday Card


These are the two cards that I sent out this year. Now I’m not one for glitter but every year I send out a set of cards that have glitter in them. The first year I sent out cards my friend Pat would how he would find glitter everywhere from it. Because I like to be inconvenient to others I would make sure that he had a glitter card. This year I went and got these cards and he had the nerve to decide that he didn’t want a card this year. He has a new girlfriend and all that so I get it but still. I know these cards aren’t super awesome. I didn’t take my dogs to see Santa this year so I didn’t have that picture to send out.

Enjoy past Payne Family holiday card photos.

  1. 2004 Why we had an elf costume is beyond me. Chances are I begged to be the one to wear it. That was my first dog Lucky. The love of my life. Worlds greatest dog.
  2. Possibly 2005. I knitted that wrist band and I thought I was ridiculously cool wearing it.
  3. 2012. B had long hair and it was gorgeous (it’s hella short now). I would like to note that she is wearing my shirt and boots. I wanted to wear it for the picture but she said the only way she would be in it is if she could wear it.
  4. 2015. Rilo was still a little baby. We went to the pet store to get her picture taken and it turned out to be this whole  photo shoot.
  5. 2016. Rilo and Conroy got to see Santa at the mall.

IMG_9188IMG_3499IMG_3160IMG_5926IMG_8562 (1)

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