Blogmas Day Seventeen – Week in the Life of You

My week hasn’t been exciting. I haven’t posted much. Each day I think about how I was suppose to post something. When it came time to do it I sat there staring at the screen. These are the things that I did when I wasn’t working.

IMG_3473I went and got lunch with my cousin. I always had this idea that everyone would be super close in my family. We would do weekly dinners. We aren’t like that though. I dont leave my house often. We’ve planned on hanging out all summer but never got around to it. She’s a lot like how I was at her age. I lectured her. That was the age that life changed. I want better for her. She can be so much more than I am. I made her clean her room because having a clean room makes it seem like you kind of have your life together. While she did that I held her snake. Clearly it loved me.


Pasta is generally my go to food. When I was younger we would always cook with my grandma. I tried to make the dough twice. I couldn’t get it all to go together so I ended up driving to her house for help. Safe to say that kneading dough is not one of my talents.  Turns out that you can use a food processor. I haven’t made any pastas in years. In the end the dough was thicker than it should have been. Overall tortellini turned out decent. Next time it will be better. (Shaping them is so frustrating)


IMG_3492I mailed out half of my Christmas cards but forgot to put half of them in the box. The mail lady already came so I drove to the post office to drop them off. I stopped at 7-11 on my way home. I bought this to try (I didn’t like it). It was a weird day. I felt off. I sat in the church parking lot. When I’m really lost that’s what I do. I decided to go in because I didn’t remember what the inside looked like. I’m not religious. I was baptized and made first communion. I dont dismiss the fact of god but I dont believe in it either. The world is much bigger than me. Who am I to say what’s out in the unknown. Anyhow, I went in and listened for about forty minutes. I didn’t understand anything.

IMG_3537I went to my dads best friends work. His company runsIMG_3541 some part of some GM thing. I don’t know. I had not been to it yet so we went. The building is beautiful and I got lost multiple times. The view rom the front is the river front. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was a cloudy day. Always neat to see Canada though. A few months ago I had this thing where I just had to go see the bridge to get into Canada. I dont have an enhanced license so I could cross. I parked somewhere and walked along the water. It was one in the morning. I ended up walking past this building that it’s in. Since it’s GM owned they had the newest cars there. I drive a GMC and I was informed that the chevy version of my car has more space. So I ended up being a little sour about it.



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