The Tide That Left and Never Came Back.

I constantly feel like I’m giving my all to people. Being there for them when they need someone or even when they don’t. Yet when I need someone those people aren’t around.

Growing up the one character that I related to most was Peyton Sawyer. Not just because we had some of the same shirts but from the music, hopes, dreams and emotions, all that 980xjazz. Plus I was a sucker for the car she drove.  She made sense to me. I was always envious that she was able to express herself through art. You should know that a stick figure and sun in the corner is about as good as it gets when it comes to my ability to draw. The way she carried herself and got through things was how I wanted to be when I was older.  Things were always messy with her but she got her happy ending. No one sticks around forever. Sometimes people fall back into your life others just make an appearance but no one is ever a constant. Driving around with no destination in mind while listening to songs you love always seems to be the answer. A good song has the capability of changing your day. The only person you can really count on is yourself.


If I had a way with words and knew how to explain my feelings it would be something like the following quotes of hers.

“I want to believe in it all again. Music and art, fate and love, and I want to believe that I’ve made the right choices, and I’m still on the right path, and theres still time to fix some of the mistakes I’ve made. I guess I want hope.”

“I think everybody deserves a shot. If you really want something bad enough, no one has the right to stand in your way.”

“My life is pretty good. It really is but I’m searching for something to make it great. Something to make it matter.”


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