Blogmas Day Ten – A Look At My Phone

IMG_3483 IMG_3484 IMG_3485

Phone background: We have so many pictures that are printed because when I was younger disposable cameras were really the only thing. Scanning them individually takes a lifetime. So we took the film strips to the store and they put them on a disc. This film strip was from like 1992. It was kind of screwed up so the pictures ended up meshing together. It’s something from a hot air ballon show. Anyhow I like it. It’s been my background from years.

The rest of my phone is not exciting. The first page is set to the things that I use most. Years ago I tried to make it so that none of the rows would have would have the same color in them but whatever. The second page is just things I randomly use. The third page is just a collection of apps that I hate but can’t delete.

If you want a good laugh heres me when I was a little tot.


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