Blogmas Day Seven- What’s In My Bag

I have owned two purses in my entire life. One was when I was seven. It was white, tiny and ugly. It made me feel cool to bring it to the mall acting like I actually had more things to carry in it than just twenty dollars. My second is a black Marc Jacobs purse. I bought it a few years in Chicago because it turns out that it’s not acceptable to bring a backpack everywhere. I think I’ve used it three times.

I’m a big believer in backpacks. They’re my favorite. In sixth grade my aunt from California sent my sister and I two backpacks (I took them both). One was silver and one was green. I used them as my school bags for the next four years. I was known as the girl with big shiny backpacks and people some called me space girl. Though my super neat backpacks have started to peel over the years I still use them any time I  go somewhere and it involves bringing school work or my lap top. I refuse to get rid of them.  I have two other backpacks. Both Marc Jacobs as well (sensing a trend?) one is average sized, floral designed. I bring it just about everywhere with me. The zippers constantly get stuck on the inside lining and chances are if you’re around me when I’m opening or closing it you’ll hear me swear a few times. The second one is a mini blue one. It’s for when I don’t care to lug around the floral one. In these I carry around my everyday items or whatever I would put in a purse if I used one.


A month ago I went through and switched some of my stuff from my car and backpack so it doesn’t currently contain everything that it usually does.

What’s currently in the bag at the momentIMG_3461

  1. Lomo’Instant Automat camera (I think I actually broke it the other day)
  2. Film for the camera
  3. A lifeline survival kit in a can (I’ve only used it twice. Once for the knife and another for the rope when I was making a blanket fort)
  4. Tie dye bag containing a phone charger
  5. Secret deodorant
  6. Old Spice ‘Swagger’ deodorant
  7. Tampons (I never carried them with me until this year because one time someone asked me for one and I didn’t have any so lesson learned.)
  8. Hair ties and scrunchesIMG_3462
  9. PBR Tombstone Kozzie (My friend use to work at a liquor store and gave it to me. It glows in the dark.)
  10. Lacrosse ball
  11. Brest cancer hockey puck
  12. Foldable wetbrush
  13. Pepper spray
  14. Little container with an alien on it for my sleeping pills.
  15. Bottle opener
  16. Mini Silly Putty
  17. One purple pen
  18. Lotion
  19. Black bag of makeup
    1. Tooth brush and toothpaste
    2. Urban Decay lash primer (probably expired)
    3. Urban Decay mascara (also probably expired. I wear mascara maybe twice a year. I rub my eyes too much to wear it + it feels gross.)
    4. Dot roll on perfume
    5. Tweezerman nail clippers
    6. Black liquid eyeliner

Things I also normally have in my bags

  1. Snacks and Gum
  2. First Aid Kit
  3. Alcohol
  4. Sunscreen during the summer.

I do also have just a black bag I take when I go fishing. So that has some stuff in it too.

  1. Hooks
  2. Weights
  3. Knife
  4. Worms
  5. Drinks
  6. Portable charger
  7. First Aid Kit.


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