If Not Now, When?

Since it was nice out yesterday I decided that I should get my Christmas lights put up and finally rake up the leaves in my yard. Turns out, I hate raking leaves as much as I did when I was little. I learned on Black Friday that if you have to do something that’s not enjoyable drinking can help spice it up. I don’t drink as much as I use to last year (even then I didn’t drink much). With my tolerance low it didn’t take more than a few shots to get drunk. After raking the leaves I laid on my driveway talking to my mom. We chatted about how I will be in the upcoming months. I reassure her as I constantly do that I know I will have my highs and lows but I’ll let her know if things get bad and I need a change. When I get cold I go and sit in my car with a blanket so that’s what I ended up doing. Heat on high, snuggled up in a blanket with my feet on the dashboard (note: I did not do any driving the car was never taken out of park. I sat in my driveway). As I continued thinking I realized that I haven’t done much with my life.

Over the last nine months I have been getting this weird feeling in my stomach. It’s like theres a fire waiting to be lit. Last night I realized finally what it was. I have so many things that I want to do with my life. For years I’ve been telling myself that I will do all the things I want to but I’ve never gotten around to it. So if not now, when? Starting now I’m going to start doing the things I want to and love.

Things to do that will light the ‘fire’ (bucket list I guess)

  • Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame
  • Watch the sun rise on the east side of the state
    • Watch the sunset on the west side the same day.
  • Spend a month in Sweden.
  • Take a music theory class
  • Learn to ski
  • Listen to alone while doing the things they mention in it
  • Visit a sunflower field
  • Road trip across the country
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Take bar tending class
  • Re-learn to play Poker
  • Sail a boat
  • Go camping somewhere with a great view
  • Fish on the ocean & great lakes
  • Attend a murder mystery dinner
  • Dress up and go bowling (never did this in high school for homecomings so)
  • Go to a silent disco

I’ll continue to add to this over time.


It’s That Time of Year Again.

The first snow has fallen. Holiday lights are being put up. Christmas music has begun playing on the radio. Thanksgiving is over and Black Friday is in full swing. It is officially now what people refer to as ‘the most wonderful time of year’. I suppose in the spirit of everything we are bound to be oblivious to the things around us. I’m not talking about religion (I avoid that topic). I mean the fact that we all get so caught up in what we want we tend not to think of others. Everyday we cross paths with a stranger. You don’t wonder who they are, where they’re going, or what they have going on in their lives. They’re just someone you saw for a few seconds and you don’t give them a second thought.

This is the part where I wish I could tell you that I am a great person. That I’m selfless, compassionate, thoughtful, and have a heart of gold. Truth is, I don’t always put others before me. I take things for granted. Sometimes I don’t treat everyone with respect.  I’m just this human living her life. I have flaws and make mistakes constantly but everyday I try to be a little bit of a better person than I was the day before.

I have been extremely fortunate when it’s come to the life that I live. My family is your average middle class and about half of our town can be considered pretty wealthy. I’ll be honest, I was very ungrateful (realistically a straight up bitch) for the things that I had growing up. I would get upset that our house wasn’t as big some of those around us or how we didn’t go out of town every school vacation. My parents always put my sister and I above everything else. They bent over backwards for us to have all of the things we wanted even if it wasn’t a necessity. All they ever have wanted for us is to be happy and healthy. We have always been encouraged by them to pursue our dreams, love who we want, and be the best we can be. Over the years I learned just how lucky I was and I will forever be grateful.

If you take the time to get to know someone you realize that everyone has something going on in their lives. There are those who seem to have the world at there finger tips when in reality their lives are falling apart. The people who put on a brave face and do their best to get through the day.

I suppose where I’m trying to go with this is that just because people refer to it as the most wonderful time of the year it doesn’t mean that it is that way for everyone. Some may be having their first holiday without a loved one. Others may be trying their best to get by. While we are all caught up with excitement of the holidays don’t forget about others. It’s not all about the lights and the gifts.  Give to others if you can. Take some time and appreciate what you have. Enjoy the time with the people in your life. Check in on your friends and family, smile at the stranger on the street, it all may be small thing but it can go a long way.




Given’ Thanks to Yah.

Last year I watched every episode of Golden Girls after watching random episodes here and there over the years.  By far one of my favorite shows. Sophia is the cutest thing and I want to be exactly like her when I am older.



At some point tomorrow during dinner I’ll bring up how realistically we shouldn’t even be celebrating this holiday. I’ll make a comment on how the Massachusetts governor ordering an attack on the Pequot Indian Village in 1637 because he viewed them as ‘dangerous to the colonist’ killing hundreds of them.  Realistically we were the dangerous ones. The conversation will change into a debate on politics in a matter of minutes and I’ll start to eat what’s on my plate one food at a time (I don’t mix my foods. Like I don’t go have a bite of ham then mash potatoes. I eat the ham, once done I move on to the mash potatoes and then the next food). I’ll go on and make a remark that I believe is funny and my parents will tell me to straight up and behave because my sense of humor isn’t what everyone will be needing to hear at the time. Even though I am hilarious and everyone should be pleased to listen to my jokes.

My sister B came home for thanksgiving. I love my sister dearly but she’s a type A. Pleasing her seems impossible. She hasn’t lived at home in six years so when she comes home I feel like she’s intruding on my space. If leave something on the bathroom counter or my music is too loud she’s right at my door complaining. She has the personality that where she thinks she knows everything. What we all should be doing, how we should be living or lives, pointing out what I do wrong. I suppose it is expected, she is a Payne after.  Today, I got off of work early and they were like ‘yeah, go home hang out with your sister and have a beer.’ I told her that and she said that will never happen and she doesn’t know why I feel like need to drink.  When she came home last month she got snippy with me on how I have alcohol in my closet (note: I am two years over the legal drinking age here and that is just where I happen to keep my alcohol). Anyhow, we are blood and I love her despite how much she pushes my buttons.

IMG_3257I did some finger painting with C this morning. We made turkey handprints using his hand and some other pictures. He was fascinated by the whole thing. I am not sure what I expected when it came to painting with a two year old. Constantly dipping his fingers in all the paint, spilling it, closing his hand so we would have to repaint it. He was so excited each time he made a handprint so it was worth it.

Last year we did a friend giving. It was a mess. We had to improvise on the cooking so I mashed potatoes using a Titos bottle. We only had one pan to cook everything. When we managed to get to dinner the food was cold. We all decided to go out after. Half of them went home because they drank too much wine at dinner and were so far gone by the time we got to the first bar. I got to hold a girl in the pouring rain reassuring her she wasn’t terrible and her friend would be back she just went to get the car. We met a girl in one of the bars and went to some underground club Detroit with her. Some random guy that was standing on the street tagged along because Chad invited him. Our Uber got lost and we ended up at the border talking to border control having the guys in the back drunkly saying we were trying to flee the country and such. We skipped it this year because after that none of us really cared to put effort into all the cooking again.


I had a ‘neighborsgiving’ today. It was last minute and we went to Olive Garden. I get the same food ninety percent of the time. I can order within two seconds of sitting down. ‘Big’ made me a drink since I complimented him on the one he did last time. It was delicious. The others didn’t agree so I got to drink theirs too. I’m the oldest of all of them and listening to them talk about their lives makes me like a nervous mother. (I know that they’re reading this and they know exactly what I’m talking about). I sit and look foolish because half of the time I dont understand the slang words they are using. When I meet someone I kind of just view them that age forever so they’re still little kiddos in my head. I constantly worry about them, especially Jessica when she’s away at school and I can’t keep an eye on her but I couldn’t be more amazed and proud of the people they have all grown into. They’re golden. If only they could realize it.






Middle of Nowhere.

Myspace was such a cool thing when you think about it. I would always creep on this one girl because I thought she was the coolest. She wasn’t one of those famous myspace people but she easily could have been if she wanted to. At some point this song was on her profile.  I listen to it still at least once a week.

My room has managed to become a mess. I have spent most of the last three days in bed. My hair is greasy and in knots from sleeping (down side of having curly hair). I am starting to break out. My laundry has been sitting the the washer and drier since Friday. I did one of those things yesterday that will eventually make your feet peel. I’m so excited. I never got sunburnt as a kid but my sister did so I would make her let me peel it for her. That’s probably ridiculously gross of me. Early I got out of bed to have waffles and orange juice. Besides that I haven’t done anything. Theres only like six hours of sunlight left which makes everything worse. Today needs to be productive, at least somewhat. Give me tips on how to be productive.

Everything I should probably get around to doing

  • Change my bedding
  • Do all my laundry that’s just sitting there
  • Clean my bathroom
  • Vacuuming (I love vacuuming)
  • Finish the book I started yesterday
  • Start a new book
  • Find the supplies I need for the crafts tomorrow.
  • Shower (not optional since I work tomorrow)
  • Order new shelves because I need more space for my shot glasses
  • Decided if I’m sending out holiday cards
  • Write back my pen-pal


Not Today.


This is one of those songs that really hits me in more way than one. In July (July 3rd to be exact) I was sitting in my room listening to Spotify. This came on from my SKOF playlist. All of a sudden I felt the need to go and watch the sunset. IMG_1852Not just watch it at the beach like I normally do. It was only four at the time so I decided I was going to drive to the west side of the state and watch it somewhere on Lake Michigan. My friends were all busy since it was short notice so I was on my own. The first area I got to there was no parking within six blocks of the water. Being the day before the fourth there were fireworks happening there. I considered parking illegally but me IMG_1907being me I didn’t care to deal with a ticket. I drove about a half hour down the coast of the state and found some random beach place.  The sunset wasn’t anything amazing.  I watched it on one of the walk outs to the light houses. The gift shop was lame so I didn’t get to get a shot glass. I spent a solid twenty minutes watching the carousel go around. My favorite part was the car ride. Three hours of music that made me feel every sort of way. Singing and dancing a long like a fool. I live for days like that. Also, this song is in the trailer of the movie Me Before You. If you haven’t seen it I recommend it and not just because Emilia Clarke is in it.


I spent most of yesterday sleeping. I don’t know if it can be considered sleeping. Something would wake me up every hour. So it was just like a series of short naps. My mom recently had a knee replacement so her physical therapist has to come every few days since she hasn’t been cleared to drive yet. Him at the door bell woke me up. My dogs are precious but two of them are monsters since they are really just still puppies. They woke me up a couple of times. There was house construction behind our house and that woke me up at least twice. Short naps do nothing but make me more cranky and tired. I eventually craved some kind of sweet so I went to one of the near by bakeries and bought this chocolate rum moose thing (pictured) and cheese cake. The cheese cake was good. It had a brownie bottom which I thought would be soft but it was kind of hard. The chocolate rum thing was good. The rum part tasted a tad weird. I guess I thought it would taste like this dessert that we made for Friendsgiving once. I asked Chad what he was doing next weekend and he told me to come over last night. I know I can’t constantly spend my time in bed so I agreed. The thing about me agreeing to do something is I change my mind about a million times. I’m a homebody for the most part. In the end I drove out there after convincing myself I should get out of the house. We watched The Office for a bit. Kyle decided that he wanted to go to the bar with friends. I knew I wanted to go home soon so we stayed. We played Mario Cart which I apparently now blow at. Then Mario Party, I was convinced that the game was cheating me and didn’t want to give my character Peach the points that we deserved. I forced Chad to switch with me and it turns out that I was not a good at the game as I thought. Chad got a puppy (pictured) a little bit after I got mine last year. He’s all grown and still just as precious.




Surfing with the Alien.

This morning I did what I always do in days I work. Read a book and watch the news until the kids wake up. While making breakfast I put on Spotify. Today was Joe Satriani  and Yngwie J. Malmsteen. Lo likes to jam. She boops around and move to the music. Anything with a beat she’s into but she seems to enjoy rock a solid amount. C is different he likes things he can dance too. While he never complains about what is being played he always lights up when something like Bowie comes on, and of course the Frozen soundtrack. He loves Frozen. Each day we listen to something new. This week has been filled with Fall Out Boy, Guns N’ Roses, John Mayer, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen and Linkin Park.

Scientifically music can be explained. The way instruments work, how the human body allows us to sing, using a combination of notes to produce a sound, the effect that hear music has on the human brain that causes us to feel a certain way. For years people have been created their own unique sound. Inspired from those before them and taking risks to come up with something new.

It’s a weird thing though because music is really a gift. The music we listen to becomes apart of who we are. Each and everyone one of us has a soundtrack to your life.I dont know how to explain any of it. It’s like how a good song or album can have an effect on you but it’s the great songs that leave an impression. The way they make you feel inside. They’re open to interpretation. The ability they have to express you when your own words fail you. Though they don’t always give you a feeling of invincibility. They can bring you to a darker place. The sad songs that hit you right in the heart. I like the ones that aren’t necessarily suppose to give you feel a feeling of sadness the best. Those are the beautiful ones. They relate to you on a different level leaving you exposed and vulnerable.

Some people just naturally click with it (I am not one of those people). I don’t mean in the way that playing and creating comes easy to them. Some may practice their hearts out to get to where they are. You can always tell when people have that connection though. It’s as clear as day. I know a few people like that. Honestly, it’s rather amazing. When you hear them play it’s a not just series of notes. They manages to take that and turn it into something that reaches right inside of you. Each time you know it’s coming but every time its different and hits you in a new way. In a way it’s like they are telling you a story. One that doesn’t use words but you still know exactly what is being said. It’s like they are pouring with passion. The sad thing is that I doubt they really knows how good they are.. It’s one of those situations where you want to let them be able to read your thoughts so they really understood it.


Cute is What We Aim for – 2010.

My first concert was at a young age. I’m not exactly sure how old I was. It was a Britney Spears and Nysnc? concert. It was fitting a first concert. After all my sister and I did spend half of our time in bathing suit tops and shorts singing along in our rooms. We went all out and made headset microphones out of headbands and aluminum foil. There is photographic evidence of this but that will never be shown to the internet. I don’t remember much about that concert besides standing on a hill. I found out the other day that the lady I work for was actually at that concert too.

When I was in third or fourth grade I went to California to visit my dads sister and my cousins. I thought my cousin was the coolest person in the world (despite the fact he took me to the end of a diving board and tried to drop me in a pool wearing my clothes). At one point he had a green Mohawk that his entire rowing time decided to do. I remember I kept a picture that they sent us of him and his friends in the slip of one of my binder in third grade because I thought it was so awesome (I now realize that was weird of me). That’s around the age I started talking about wanting tattoos. Anyhow, while in California my dad, my cousin and I went to Telegraph street. Now I guess it’s mostly Asian culture but at the time it was filled with tie dye, hemp bracelets, music and the smell of weed. One of the stores we went into sold records. That’s when I was introduced to ‘classic’ rock. After that trip I remember asking my parents for new CD’s. While knowing all the words to Where is the Love was great I craved more rock. My dad came home with one of KISS’s greatest hits cds for me. I was utterly fascinated by them. From the make up to the costumes and the music. I loved it especially the boots. I wanted to be one of them for Halloween that year. I got one of my friends to agree to go as Gene Simmons (it didn’t end up happening). Later, I got one of Queens cds. I listened to that while falling asleep for almost a year. I hauled stereo in the bathroom with me to listen to Billy Idol while I showered. (I use to fall asleep while taking baths but since I was too short to reach the other end of the tub and I would start to slide underwater. My mom would check on me every five minutes to make sure I didn’t drown so I gave up baths). Got ready in the morning to Poison and J. Geils playing throughout the house in the morning. I had a Rick Springfield cd was played often but since watching Californiacation I haven’t really been able to listen to him the same. Van Halen was frequently played. I loved the song ‘Ice Cream Man’. I’d listen to it on repeat. The little hiccup ‘ah’ part was the best. When we had our red corvette a few years back I took that same CD and listened to Ice cream man on repeat singing along. Doing the ‘ah’ part as loud as possible. That album was basically the only thing I ever played in that car. One time I did play Blink 182’s self titled album but that just didn’t give me the same feeling when driving that car. I still listened to what everyone else was listening that was popular at the time. I had my Now 13 cd in my blue portable CD player. I listened to track 14 ‘Girl all the Bad Guys Want’ by Bowling for Soup on repeat. Laying on the living floor of my grandfathers house drowning out everything around me.

I saw All American Rejects when I was in fourth grade. I was four rows from the stage. Someone from behind threw a shirt and it hit me. It was lime green and said “Can I be you’re sweet home slice?” with a piece of pie printed above. I kept that shirt for at least ten years. Wearing it around the house until it was covered in too many holes to count.

I always looked forward to TRL. Sitting in the living room with a tv table in front of me doing homework and watching along. I was convinced that I was going to be a host when I grew up and interview all my favorite bands. The real dream at the time was that I would meet Ryan Ross from Panic! At the Disco. We’d fall in love and live happy while I joined them on tour.

I use to watch music videos on demand for hours on end. Jumping on the couch listening to Dirty Little Secrets (when I was first introduced to P.S). Listened to ‘Bad Day’ at full volume. Accidentally slammed my screen door shut too hard and got locking out of my house for a few hours. (My mom left me home alone finally because I was sick of going to every single one of my sisters soccer practices). I tried to understand the concept of ‘Sugar Were Going Down Swinging’ and said damn whore each time I watched ‘I write Sins Not Tragedies’ (made me feel really rebellious).

The next concert I went to was Fall Out Boy. I was in fifth grade. There was a commercial on TV saying they were coming to the palace and I begged my mom to allow me to go. It was the tour for the Album ‘Under the Cork Tree’ (still a solid jam). I went with two of my neighbors, my sister and my mom. Hawthorne Heights opened up for them. That was the first time I heard them. I made my mom get me their cd and listened to it on repeat while we drove to the Kalahari for my birthday.

That summer I went to Taking Back Sunday’s first headlining tour with my mom. They were with The Subways, Head Automatica, and Angels and Airwaves. Right before the summer started I got my first cellphone. It was a flip phone with a camera. Around the camera would light up different colors when someone called. I downloaded ‘Louder Now’ on my flip phone and played it on repeat. The day of the concert I sat in a chair on my front porch and watched the ‘Makedamnsure’.

Middle school was when music started to play a big role in my life. For my birthday that year I got to go see Panic! At the Disco. The Hush Sound, Plain White T’s and Jacks Mannequin opened for them. (The girl I later became best friends because she told me she liked my brown, white, and blue checkered vans with happened to be sitting a few rows behind me). They literally put on a show. It was like being at the movies with all of the things that were happening on stage. Over that course of that year I became close friends with one of my sisters friends, T. She listened to just about anything and everything. Introduing me to all these bands. That Christmas I got my first iPod. It was a white video. I took it everywhere with me. Even kept it in my pencil case at school. I didn’t know how to put music on it. I asked who played in New Atlantic how to use it over AIM. (I didn’t think asking some stranger 15+ years older than me for help was weird). The first song I put on it was Make Out Kids by Motion City Soundtrack. That summer I went to my first Warped Tour. A combination of bands that I loved all in one place. The December of eight grade was rough for me. I spent my time constantly sleeping, avoiding everyone. The daily fights with my parents on if I would go to school that day or not. At the time I didn’t know what was going on with me. I thought that this was simply that happens to everyone. While spending my days in bed when I wasn’t sleeping I had music playing. At the time it was my one constant. It managed to give me a feeling when the only thing I knew at the time was numbness. I went to see The Maine at the end of that year. 3oh!3 and A Rocket to the Moon played as well. It was my first time crowd surfing. My sister was concerned with me falling or getting lost from her. I asked the guy standing in front of me to lift me up anyhow. That night filled me with a high.

Warped Tour 2009

Warped 2009. We asked them to borrow their set list during one of the shows and later during the day we saw them again and became friends. K lost the stud to her lip piecing during A Day to Remember how we managed to find it is beyond me. I got lost from the group trying to meet up with other friends and hung out on some guys shoulders trying to find them. We had to go to the hospital at one point because K got dehydrated.


Warped 2010. This is the last one I went to. Another year with new friends from the year before and me on strangers shoulders.

Music continued to be apart of my life through the years. From laying on the floor, dancing around, crying, and driving with no specific destination. The feeling you get in your bones when you see a band you love preform live or the flashback you get when a song comes on shuffle. Over the last year and a half I’ve gotten more into in it a sense of the make up of the music. That’s all over my head. I’ll take a music theory class during the summer. I am attempting to learn guitar but let me tell you. I suck. I should have someone teach me but I’m stubborn and don’t want to waste anyones time or be laughed at. I know I won’t ever be able to be one of those people that can make someone feel something through music and I’m okay with that. I do it to enjoy it.


Just about everyone told me to see this movie. Everyone told me that it would make me cry. Know that it doesn’t take much to make me cry. I cry at crime shows all the time. I was going to go see it by myself. I figured at 23 it was acceptable to go places by myself. Last minute my mom decided that she wanted to tag along. Turns out in the States they don’t have trigger warnings. The ending made me cry. Like really cry, face completely red, hard to breathe gasping for air, silent drive home, hide in my room for hours after. Even with the ending I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. I’ve listened to the soundtrack probably more than I should admit. For me it’s something that you can really listen to no matter what kind of mood you are in. Jam to it in the car or lay on your floor watching the ceiling fan spin around in endless circles. It’s lovely.

You can break me down into three main parts using months. December – April, May – July, and August – November. December – April I’m just whatever.  As stated before, my doctor says I am basically the poster girl of seasonal affective disorder. Maybe that sounds like a mean thing to say about someone. I love my doctor and therapist though. Sharing the measurement of your uteruses creates a special bond between people. Even with medication I spend half of the time feeling numb. I sleep at much as I possibly can (once it gets dark at 5:30 I’m ready to go to bed.) I am someone who thrives with having a consistent schedule. In the past with online classes I’ve been able to do whatever at anytime and I think that’s really screwed me over.  It’s funny because people always say that you should just pick yourself up. I would love nothing more. During those months I lay in bed thinking about that a lot. Theres a part of me that wants to just get up, have the energy and all that jazz. Theres a bigger part of me during those times that over rule that feeling though. It’s like I’m anchored to my bed. Even though part of me wants to get up the weight is more than I can lift myself. May – July the weight begins to lift. I have my windows open every chance I get. I start working on my garden as soon as the last frost. (I can spend hours in my garden.  I don’t necessarily need me working multiple hours a day in it but it keeps me outside and gives me something to do). My dogs and I get to go adventure off the paths in some of the parks.  Late night drives, bonfires, drinking and some solid sunsets. Things are simpler for me at that time. August – November is always tricky. I can feel myself slowing being weighted down. It’s not enough to keep me in bed but there is still a pull there. With the weather getting colder and the sun not being out as long I can feel it starting. Due to work and having a consistent schedule this year has been a bit better so far. I should go see my doctor and therapist.

I have been lucky enough to have some amazing people in my life. I have my friends which I am beyond grateful for. They get me through the day to day and keep me grounded. By all means I am not an easy person to deal with on the day to day basis.  So they deserve an award for being there. They mean more to me than they can possibly imagine. Throughout your life I think that theres a few people who really leave a mark on you. While each person shapes you into who you are these people change you in a way that you don’t think is really possible until it happens. Generally it’s the people that just kind of enter your life in an whatever way but over time they work their way into being one of the most important parts. The people who make you feel like you can fly to the moon when you’re stuck at the bottom of the ocean. The faith they have on you is something else, undesirable in a way. They make you feel the way that listening to your favorite song does on a sunny day with the windows down do (that’s the best I can describe it). Like everything though, things change over time.  Most things are temporary. People fall apart. They move on with theirs and you move on with yours. The thing is once you have one of those people that can have a major effect on you like that and they slowly start to fall out of your life it’s one of the worst feelings. You have this constant in your life that starts to fade away leaving you with something missing.  That’s how I feel right now. Like I’ve lost something. Something that I loved and I can’t get back. I miss those people. I want them all back. Now I’m stuck trying to navigate the world on my own. I’m lost at sea and they were the light houses that would guide me back home. Those light houses got washed away by a storm though. Pieces of them still remain but it’s not the light house it once was.

The Start of It

Whenever I have to write a school paper I always have a rough time figuring out how to start it. What should be a simple paper that takes an hour to write turns into a four hour process of writing, deleting, and rewriting because I can never find the perfect thing to say in the beginning. Generally, I tell some story about something that happened in life or give my opinion. Which I’m sure has led my teachers to believe that I’m not completely ‘normal’ (putting it nicely?). I did have a teacher one tell me though that he missed my ridiculous stories when I didn’t start with one once. He claimed he always looked forward to my papers because of it. The point I’m trying to make is that figuring out what to start off on each post for this won’t be any different. It’s just as difficult, if not more.

This is my first public blog. I have my public Tumblr but I only reblog pictures on that. My private Tumblr that is under lock and key is really just used for me to complain about things. My real problem is that through out the day I think of things I want to say. By the time I get to my computer my mind constantly draws a blank.  When I was younger I use to have a way with words. Now I’m just one big mess and hope that things make sense. The best way to describe it is something Michael Scott said in The Office ”Sometimes I’ll start a sentence, and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way. Like an improv conversation. An improversation.”

I’m almost positive that this song is called ‘The Start of It’ by Meese (hence the title of this post) but apparently on youtube the only actual music video that shows it’s under ‘Tell Me It’s Over’.  Just go with it.