Whole Lotta Love.

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 3.24.55 PMThe last month has gone by in the blink of an eye. My heart is so full of love because of
the people in my life. I’ve spent the majority of my time with my family and neighbors. It will be weird to be gone over the summer. I’ll just make them pretend I’m with them whenever they decide to hang out. It’s the little things that I’m going to miss the most. Seeing my dogs the second I walk in the door. The sunsets at the beach. Driving around aimlessly. Calling my mother asking about dinner daily. To quote just about everyone I know ‘this will be a great experience for me’ or ‘it’s going to be life changing’. I know that it will be. I’m kind of in the middle of being excited and realizing it’s happening to being hit by the fact that I’m leaving everything I know and love four thousand miles away.

IMG_4703I dont know what has happened what day. The days seem to kind of mash into one another at this point.  I went to C birthday party. It was PJ Masked themed. I still hold title as Luna Girl. I bought a fish. It has been named Magnus. He’s not the smartest when it comes to eating. He enjoys swimming and breathing, typical fish stuff. Jessica will become the new owner of him when I leave. I was holding her lizard the other day and was weirdly fascinated by it. I had my birthday cake with my neighbors. I threw up from the cake and drinking. Sat in a tree drunk singing the bumble bee song while my friends took pictures of themselves. I use to go to IMG_4611that place when I was in high school. It’s where I found my fun with Dick and Jane card. I dont remember what I left in exchange. Not much progress with packing though (I did buy all new socks which I’m obviously geeked about). Instead I have given away about a fourth of my things. I want people to have things to remember me by. The rest is simply stuff that I dont need. B came home for my fathers birthday.  I also managed to crack my laptop screen with a bobby pin…so. We did a going away dinner last week. The key lime pies were easily the best part of the meal. Since I made them and all. The texture of shrimp sends chills down my spine. I don’t mind the taste but I dont like it enough to deal with the gross feeling it leaves in my mouth. I keep meaning to take pictures of the things I’ve been up to but I managed to get too caught up in the moment and forget.

I spent the majority of yesterday doing yard work with my father. I have a solid burn for it at the moment. Coconut oil melts the second it touches my skin. Tomorrow I am cooking with my grandmother. I’ll go through her cook books and find some recipes that I want to bring with me. She has an entire wall filled of cook books and a few others in different rooms of her house. She still has her first cook book she ever got. You’d get sections at a time from the grocery store. Safe to say that’s her favorite of all of the ones she owns. She’s so cute. Friday I get to see my best friend. I made a playlist of songs that we use to listen to when driving around. Each one makes me smile instantly.

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