Giver of Life.


‘All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother’. Back in Girl Scouts for a Mother Days present we made some tile that had that quote on it. They told us that Washington said it. I just went to google it turns out it was really Lincoln.

EK_0040Scrolling through Instagram I’ve seen about a hundred post saying some variation of ‘My mother is the greatest. She’s so perfect. Best person in the world.’ My mother isn’t some sort of superhero. She is filled with flaws and has made mistakes. Sometimes she loses her cool.  Over the last few years a lot has changed with my family. My mom has always been the one to try and carry the weight on the world on her shoulders. I think she reached a point where that almost became too much. She ended up changing jobs. For a few months I resented her for it a little. It meant a change in a way that we live. I quickly realized how unhappy she must have been though.  Now, it’s like she has grown into a new person. You see her smile more and sometimes she even lights up when she talks about work. Even if it’s a story that no one really cares to hear.

FEK_0037 (2)rom day one my father and her have bent over backwards to give us everything we could ever want and more. A lot of what they have done for me has gone unappreciated. My father loves me I know that. He’s not always the best with emotions though. I’m closer with my mom in that way. Whether it’s oversharing with her or just walking to her and crying because life has become too much. Thank you for loving me in the years that I said I hated you. For allowing me to become who I am and never pushing me to be someone I wasn’t. All the waters  you have brought me because I’ve been too lazy to get out of bed and get it myself. Putting my clothes in the drier because I always forget. Most importantly for always knowing that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel when I’m lost in the dark. No matter how big or how small it is. You’re there. You’re always there.

Also shot out to my mom and dad for having sex and not using a condom. For my fathers sperm for finding and fertilizing the egg. Which is now known as me.

(I would also like to note that she claims that this is me and not my sister. When I asked her which is was she stood there and hesitated. So if you think it’s ugly then assume it’s actually B.)

I wanted this post to be something special. I never know the right words to describe her. How to capture her in the light that she deserves. This doesn’t do her a bit of justice. She is a hell of a lot more than just a mother. I hope she knows that.

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