In Bloom.

IMG_4570I have neglected writing for a while now. I could say it was that I went and focused on my life or something like that but it’s not true. I simply haven’t had the right words to express how I feel. I know people dont actually read this but for my sake I like to pretend. So here’s what’s been happening since I’ve last posted. Enjoy the picture from today of Conroy doing what he does best. Sleeping.

The family I was working for moved about an hour away. As heartbroken as I am over it the kids now go to a daycare that they love and I still get to see them on weekends. C is turning three next week which is hard to believe. He got a big bed for his new house which lead me to having one of those ‘he’s growing up so fast’ moments. When I started looking for a new job I knew that I wanted to visit Sweden in the summer so finding something that would work around that wasn’t easy. I ended up deciding that I wanted to be an Au Pair. I looked into it last March but things happened and I wasn’t sure that I would really be doing it for the right reasons. Things fell into place rather quickly. Soon I’ll be moving to Sweden for a year and start a new adventure. Honestly, a lot of (most) people dont know I’m leaving. I’ve only told a couple of people. If you knew me when I was younger I had the whole ‘the day I turn 18 I’m getting the hell out of this place attitude’. Over the years I’ve come to love where I live. Specifically my house and neighborhood. Leaving is something that won’t be easy but I know it’s time. My parents will have an empty nest for the first time (besides the dogs). My mother has already cried multiple times over it. They are both excited for me though.

As expected I feel about a million different things. I’m ecstatic and terrified. It’s not that it’s a different culture. It’s more of the fact that in a sense I’m starting over. Everything will be new. I’ll have to figure my way around and make new friends. I’m not everyones cup of tea. So I’m nervous. I’ve started to pack. Really its only shoes but I’m counting that as something. I dont have a specific idea in my head of how it’s going to be. I’m just going to go with the flow I guess (that’s a huge deal for me). As far as my blog I want to try my best to keep it up. Share my experiences. I dont know.


IMG_4511Since all of my flowers will start to grow in my garden once I’m gone I’m trying to enjoy the little bulbs that have popped up in the mean time. Theres only so much yard work I can do right now. All I want to do is be outside but I have to be doing something or Ill get bored and go inside.


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