Honeymoon (Forever).


IMG_4051I dont mind Valentines Day. The first time a guy ever gave me flowers was on valentines
day. I asked him what he expected me to do with them. When I came home after that weekend I cut the flowers off. Put the steams in water and used the petals to paint. Really what are you suppose do with them? Look at them till they die. Flowers look so much better in a garden. I think if you are to give someone flowers dried out flowers would be the way to go. I have a vase of steams sitting on my desk right now. I like it.  Turns out Olive Garden Breadstick bouquets have to be made yourself. They only give you the bread sticks. This girl I use to babysit posted how she likes some guy on her snapchat story today. I guess today is the day you’re suppose to shoot your shot though. I’m not good at things like that. I get afraid and become this annoy shit trying to push the other person away. Its not that I don’t want that. I dont know.

On my phone I have section under notes titled ‘No Bitchassness’ (still pending). Within it you’ll find a bunch of random thoughts I have throughout the day. Todays thoughts include the following:

  1. If I ever have kids they won’t get the childhood experience of having bunk beds because there is no way I’m climbing up and changing the sheets.
  2. Never cast on more stitches than the needle will hold.
  3. How many people die in car accidents because they sneezed?
  4. Why does the corner or my eye itch?
  5. His forehead is so big, why doesn’t he grow his hair out and cover it.
  6. These trainers were probably like these bitches are clueless about dolphins.
  7. NASA should really hold a funeral for the Mars Rover.
  8. I wonder how many elementary school kids haven’t figured out that it’s simpler just to sign only their name. That way that can just put them in the box and not have to find which belongs to each person.
  9. I wonder what I’d look like if I gelled my eyebrows up.
  10. I could be deathly allergic to bees.
  11. I get why she doesn’t have any friends there.
  12. How is it Robin 23? Where are all the rest. They never talk about them. They’ve only shown three.
  13. Is a green Ferrari even real?
  14. I’d be screwed if instagram and snapchat showed how many times I view someones story.

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