Fade Into Me.

This week has been an absolute rollercoaster of emotions. Right now is normally the time that my doctor ups my medication. I found out she’s not coming back though. In the last ten years I’ve gone through seventeen psychiatrist. Out of those seventeen I’ve only really like two of them. I have what everyone refers to as a ‘unique’ personality. My thought process never really makes sense and I can be kind of an asshole if you don’t understand my sarcasm. So finding a doctor that gets it isn’t a cake walk.

Last week in therapy I went over the whole me being nothing more than a burden to the people in my life. She is one of those people who know me better than most. Listening to my bullshit for ten years can do that. Anyhow, after she explained that when someone is like me and will bend over backwards for almost anyone. You generally are better at being their for others and you tend to view yourself as an inconvenience. I always thought that when someone said they cared about me it meant they would be there for me just like I would be for them. I have always been the drop everything and be there for you to the best of my abilities. If someone needs you, you call them and talk to them till they are okay. You do what it takes to make things better. Then there I was Tuesday sitting in a park by myself in the rain. That’s when it hit me. I can’t expect people to be there for me the way I am for them. People care in different ways and that’s just something I have to accept.



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