Eighty Trips Around the Sun.

As I have established growing up I was an ungrateful bitch. My family has always done their best to provide and give me everything I always wanted. It has taken me a long time just to realize all they do. I wish I was able to appreciate it at a younger age. While everyone in my family is great, my grandmother is hands down the best. Honestly, she’s my favorite person to ever exist and not just because she was the one who introduced me to my favorite cheese. She may be the one person that loved my dog as much as I did. Which is saying a lot because I loved Lucky more than anything in the world.
EK_0031 (3)

Most people will say that they are a good person. My grandma isn’t like that though. She knows she’s a good person but she never gives herself credit. I think that’s the one thing I find most frustrating about her. It’s not just the being a nice person. She has always been one to go above and beyond. Not just for family but for every person she knows. Life hasn’t always been easy for her. EK_0035The thing is though she never took the easy way out. Each of her decisions has always been what is better for everyone not just what would be best for her. Working endlessly to provide for her family. Spending her days in high heels carrying around thirty pound trays of food.  Raising three kids (I know that had to be a handful because I have my dads personality and look at how much work I am). To dealing with me at my worst. She’s one hell of a women.

IMG_0892I could name a billion different reasons on why I love her. The world only needs to know a few. She is one of the most accepting people I know. Her cooking is phenomenal. Anything I know about cooking is because of her. One time she was saying how the bus boys at her work took her to some rock concert, turns out she saw The Who.  She has always been open with me. I have a never ending amount of questions about everything.  I know I ask questions on topics that can be hard for her to talk about but she does anyway. She allows me to speak freely without judgement. While I know she doesn’t love every decision I make she has always supported me. We have our different opinions on how people should act sometimes (she was raised with the good ol’ southern manners), tattoos, and taking shots (she’s a bourbon on the rocks kinda gal).

I think a lot of who I am today is because of her.  If I could been even a fourth of great as a person as she is I would consider myself ridiculously lucky. Obviously this post doesn’t do her any justice. Happy birthday, lovely lady.




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