Blogmas Day Twenty Two – Letter to Yourself About the Year

Hello future Harper,

Despite being great at building yourself up for the letdown you didn’t enter the year with high hopes. Maybe that was a good thing because it wasn’t what you would have ever expected. You met and had a lot of amazing people in your life. Some stuck around and others made an appearance. Everyone left some sort of impact on you though. You have absolutely no idea what you are doing with yourself. I can’t say you’ve changed because for the most part you’ve been the same person for the last ten years but in a way you did. The things you wanted changed. You still run from your feelings. Some part of you has decided that you want to go after the things you want. You have made a lot of mistakes. You messed up something that could have been a good thing. You made it through another year. In a way I guess you could say you grew up a bit.

Harper Payne of 22/12



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23. Michigan. Hella Lame.

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