Blogmas Day Eighteen – Would You Rather? / Larkin Poe.

Last night I got to see Larkin Poe live. None of my friends wanted to go with me and despite me being twenty three I was still nervous on looking lame by going by myself. My mother was sweet enough to join me. (Also happy birthday Momma Payne). She just got a knee replacement last month so once we were there she decided to tell me that she was just going to sit somewhere. I stood by myself and ended up looking lame anyhow. When I’m alone in crowds I’m not a pushy person. You wanna stand in front of me go for it. So I was in the middle of the crowd. I started talking to the lady next to me who was a complete sweetheart. She got us pretty close to the front. (I was stuck behind this drunk guy who stepped on me multiple times) She was with her friend both around my moms age. I’m super weird and was like hey you look familiar. Turns out that I was in Girl Scouts with her daughter when I was seven. She remembered me so it was less weird. Anyhow. Amazing concert. They are just ridiculously precious. If you have the chance to see them, take it.

  1. Would you rather have to eat a whole turkey in one sitting or never be able to eat turkey again?
    I don’t really like turkey, I always have ham so never be able to eat turkey again.
  2. Would you rather get the best gift you ever received again or get a new gift (but have no idea if it will be good or bad)?
    New gift.
  3. Would you rather relive a past winter holiday again or get to travel to a future winter holiday?
    I don’t think I’ve ever had like a wow amazing winter holiday. I’d travel to the future.
  4. Would you rather spend the holidays with your family or with three celebrities (you can choose the celebrities)?
    1.  John Mayer- Imagine just jamming to holiday songs with him.
    2.  Chrissy Teigen- Amazing food and she’s hilarious.
    3. Some famous architect- The snow forts we would make would be mind-blowing
  5. Would you rather have to cook the big holiday meal every year or have to clean up and do the dishes after the holiday meal every year?
    Cook. I don’t like touching dishes with food on them
  6. Would you rather be a kid or a grandparent during the holidays?
    There use to be this great magical feeling of the holidays when I was little but now that I’m older I get so excited about other peoples gifts so grandparent.
  7. Would you rather give up one family tradition or start a new one?
    New. Our only tradition really is watching family stone and that’s not going anywhere.
  8. Would you rather have the (skill) of (family member) or the (another skill) of (another family member)?
    Grandmas cooking skills
  9. Would you rather get to invent a holiday on whatever day you want or have a holiday fall on your birthday?
    Invent a holiday. I have so many ideas for this.
  10. Would you rather wear a Santa outfit or an elf outfit to work every day for a month?
    We had this elf outfit I thought was the coolest when I was younger so I’d do that again. And I’d be so amused if the shoes had bells.
  11. Would you rather be famous for starring in a cheesy holiday movie or not be famous at all?
    Famous if it was a lifetime movie.
  12. Would you rather work untangling Christmas lights or work as a mall Santa?
    Christmas lights are like a frustrating puzzle but I like them. Santa a kid could kick me or throw up on me. Plus with the lights you get to look at them be pretty. I’m not a nice enough person to think that making kids happy is worth all of that.
  13. Would you rather have your ears turn into elf ears or have a Santa beard forever?
    Elf ears.
  14. Would you rather give up Christmas trees or Christmas cookies?
    Really I’d give up either of them.
  15. Would you rather get one amazing holiday gift or 10 OK holiday gifts?
    I return most of the gifts I get so ten okay ones.
  16. Would you rather be an elf in Santa’s shop or a reindeer on Santa’s sleigh?
    Elf. I want to invent things and put them together.
  17. Would you rather have it be your favorite holiday every day or never have that holiday again?
    I don’t have a favorite holiday.. so.
  18. Would you rather know what all your gifts are or be surprised by all your gifts?
    Surprised. If I knew ahead of time and I didn’t like it I’d have to say it twice.
  19. Would you rather only have dessert on holidays or never have dessert on holidays?
    Never have dessert on holidays.
  20. Would you rather get a paper cut every time you wrap a Hanukkah present or get burned every time you light the menorah?
    Jokes on you cause I don’t do either of those things. Maybe burn though because it would only happen eight times. Paper cuts hurt even after the fact. Like when something gets in the cut and you want to cry.
  21. Would you rather have holiday decorations up all year or never be able to put them up again?
    I leave my Christmas lights up all year. Our decorations aren’t super neat so it would be whatever,
  22. Would you rather volunteer to help a friend wrap presents or shop for presents?
  23. Would you rather get a person who is really hard to shop for during Secret Santa or have no one get your name for Secret Santa?
    Doesn’t it work so everyone gets someone? I don’t know. Shop for someone hard.
  24. Would you rather live in a gingerbread house with your group of friends or never be able to live with any of them?
    Never live with any of them. Gingerbread houses are gross and theres no furniture so it’s not practical.
  25. Would you rather experience a Christmas in 1700 or in 2100?
  26. Would you rather spend Christmas with your group of friends or have them each be replaced by their favorite celebrity?
    Honestly, replaced by their favorite celebrity that would be so much more interesting.
  27. Would you rather only be able to watch your favorite TV show during the holidays or have to watch it every day of the year?
    I don’t like watching things I’ve already seen. So watch during the holidays only. BUT. If I could erase my mind after each time then I’d watch it everyday of the year.
  28. Would you rather star on a popular holiday music single or star in a popular holiday movie?
    Holiday single. If I can be famous because of my terrible voice that would be awesome. I’d just constantly laugh… and maybe cry.
  29. Would you rather vacation somewhere cold or hot during the holidays?
  30. Would you rather get stuck in an airport during Christmas or get lost in a Christmas tree farm?
    Tricky. It depends on the time I’d be stuck at the airport. If it’s 6 AM when they don’t have anything open and the food is sucky then get lost in a Christmas tree farm. If the tree farm is really cold and I’m alone, will I ever be found? then Airport. If everyone in the airport is really cranky then tree farm. If wild animals can come and kill me. Rather be stuck in an airport. UNLESS the animal killing me was a moose cause what a way to go.

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