Blogmas Day Five- Essentials for Winter


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  1. Oversized sweaters. My favorite thing in the whole world. My closet is full of them. I generally get them from second hand stores or they’re ones that I found in my basement. These are two of my favorite. The grey one is older than me.
  2. Burts Bees. It’s the only chapstick I like to use. I have one in my car, backpack, key backpack, and all over my room. One time I even used up a complete one before without losing it. Really proud of that.
  3. Gloves. These ones are from Target.
  4. Sherpa Blanket. I have so many. My dogs ended up stealing some. I keep one in my car year round (I dont recommend putting on grass though). I’m weird and like bringing my own blanket to my friends house.
  5. Socks. I’m a big fan of socks.  These are the Worlds Softest Socks (actually the name of the brand). They are hella cozy. I found them at my local garden store.
  6. Slippers. I started getting these slippers when I was in fourth grade in California. Now I have like seven pair. I wear them around the house in the winter. Outside every other seasons. They make one with stuff on the bottoms so you can. Also a fan of the leg warmers.

I know these are suppose to be winter essentials but honestly I use / wear them all year round except for the gloves.

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