Blogmas Day Three – Holiday Wishlist

I live for days like today. It was technically ‘below freezing’ but the sun was out  which made everything better. I went to the nursery and I get my Christmas cactus! It was all decorated. I thought that the bushes were shaped as llamas. Turns out it was a reindeer, lame. These last few days have been odd. I’ve gotten that heart racing feeling that ends up in the pit of your stomach. I don’t want I think or feel about anything anymore.


Last year my family decided not to get each other gifts. We kind of skipped Christmas overall. My sister hasn’t come home during the holiday in a few years. All we did was a family dinner and thats because I like food. It would be foolish of me to skip that. This year we are kind of doing the same thing. I’m weird when it comes gifts. I love giving them but I don’t really like getting them. I don’t have a wishlist really so I’ll show you what I plan on buying myself / already got myself.

  1. Aloe infused socks. I love socks. Always the perfect gift. That and blankets.
  2. Blaq peel off face mask. This guy in Sweden told me to try it and it’s wonderful.
  3. A 2019 calendar (spent hours trying to find one that starts on Monday)




Things I’ll get around to buying myself

  1. New Docs. I love the ones I have but a taller pair is always better.
  2. New tooth brush heads because I get geeked about this sort of thing.
  3. New jean jacket to put all my patches on.
  4. Probably more plants.


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