Blogmas 2018 Adventure

So I figured I’d join in on this whole Blogmas thing. It will be a good way for me to keep posting. I couldn’t find one that I liked everything on it. Instead I went through a bunch and picked the ones I thought would be interesting. Here are the days!

  1. Introduction
  2. December bucket list
  3. Past Post
  4. Holiday Wishlist
  5. Essentials for the winter
  6. The Christmas Survey
  7. What’s In My Bag – Winter Edition
  8. Favorite Christmas films
  9. Holiday playlist
  10. A look at your phone
  11. ——–
  12. Post a picture of your holiday card
  13. What you’re reading
  14. ——–
  15. What’s on My Christmas Tree
  16. ——
  17. A week in the life of you
  18. Would You Rather? – Christmas edition
  19. Holiday beverage recipes
  20. ———-
  21. ——–
  22. A letter to yourself about the year
  23. For the future

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23. Michigan. Hella Lame.

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