Middle of Nowhere.

Myspace was such a cool thing when you think about it. I would always creep on this one girl because I thought she was the coolest. She wasn’t one of those famous myspace people but she easily could have been if she wanted to. At some point this song was on her profile.  I listen to it still at least once a week.

My room has managed to become a mess. I have spent most of the last three days in bed. My hair is greasy and in knots from sleeping (down side of having curly hair). I am starting to break out. My laundry has been sitting the the washer and drier since Friday. I did one of those things yesterday that will eventually make your feet peel. I’m so excited. I never got sunburnt as a kid but my sister did so I would make her let me peel it for her. That’s probably ridiculously gross of me. Early I got out of bed to have waffles and orange juice. Besides that I haven’t done anything. Theres only like six hours of sunlight left which makes everything worse. Today needs to be productive, at least somewhat. Give me tips on how to be productive.

Everything I should probably get around to doing

  • Change my bedding
  • Do all my laundry that’s just sitting there
  • Clean my bathroom
  • Vacuuming (I love vacuuming)
  • Finish the book I started yesterday
  • Start a new book
  • Find the supplies I need for the crafts tomorrow.
  • Shower (not optional since I work tomorrow)
  • Order new shelves because I need more space for my shot glasses
  • Decided if I’m sending out holiday cards
  • Write back my pen-pal


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23. Michigan. Hella Lame.

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