Not Today.


This is one of those songs that really hits me in more way than one. In July (July 3rd to be exact) I was sitting in my room listening to Spotify. This came on from my SKOF playlist. All of a sudden I felt the need to go and watch the sunset. IMG_1852Not just watch it at the beach like I normally do. It was only four at the time so I decided I was going to drive to the west side of the state and watch it somewhere on Lake Michigan. My friends were all busy since it was short notice so I was on my own. The first area I got to there was no parking within six blocks of the water. Being the day before the fourth there were fireworks happening there. I considered parking illegally but me IMG_1907being me I didn’t care to deal with a ticket. I drove about a half hour down the coast of the state and found some random beach place.  The sunset wasn’t anything amazing.  I watched it on one of the walk outs to the light houses. The gift shop was lame so I didn’t get to get a shot glass. I spent a solid twenty minutes watching the carousel go around. My favorite part was the car ride. Three hours of music that made me feel every sort of way. Singing and dancing a long like a fool. I live for days like that. Also, this song is in the trailer of the movie Me Before You. If you haven’t seen it I recommend it and not just because Emilia Clarke is in it.


I spent most of yesterday sleeping. I don’t know if it can be considered sleeping. Something would wake me up every hour. So it was just like a series of short naps. My mom recently had a knee replacement so her physical therapist has to come every few days since she hasn’t been cleared to drive yet. Him at the door bell woke me up. My dogs are precious but two of them are monsters since they are really just still puppies. They woke me up a couple of times. There was house construction behind our house and that woke me up at least twice. Short naps do nothing but make me more cranky and tired. I eventually craved some kind of sweet so I went to one of the near by bakeries and bought this chocolate rum moose thing (pictured) and cheese cake. The cheese cake was good. It had a brownie bottom which I thought would be soft but it was kind of hard. The chocolate rum thing was good. The rum part tasted a tad weird. I guess I thought it would taste like this dessert that we made for Friendsgiving once. I asked Chad what he was doing next weekend and he told me to come over last night. I know I can’t constantly spend my time in bed so I agreed. The thing about me agreeing to do something is I change my mind about a million times. I’m a homebody for the most part. In the end I drove out there after convincing myself I should get out of the house. We watched The Office for a bit. Kyle decided that he wanted to go to the bar with friends. I knew I wanted to go home soon so we stayed. We played Mario Cart which I apparently now blow at. Then Mario Party, I was convinced that the game was cheating me and didn’t want to give my character Peach the points that we deserved. I forced Chad to switch with me and it turns out that I was not a good at the game as I thought. Chad got a puppy (pictured) a little bit after I got mine last year. He’s all grown and still just as precious.




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