Bedroom Window / About Me.

If I’m in the right mood I can talk about almost anything for hours. The one thing I can’t do is tell you about myself. I never know what people want to know. Honestly, I’m not all that exciting. I figure the best thing to do is do what I did back when I had a myspace. Give a random list of things about me / my opinion because that’ll probably tell you more about me than anything else would.

  • I didn’t know how to actually spell my middle name until I was 20.
  • I only eat one type of food at a time.
  • I believe everything should be eaten as finger food if possible.
  • Purses are pointless to me. I use my three backpacks.
  • My doctor says I am basically the poster girl for S
  • I absolutely hate pictures that are posed for. Candid ones are alway
  • .A.D.
  • I was chased by a deer once so I still have mix feelings about them.
  • The nicest compliment I’ve ever received was being told I am like a sour patch kid
    • My friends brother telling me I reminded him of a pit bull is a close second.
  • The only reason I keep my room clean is because it makes me feel like I have my life somewhat together.
  • If I finger worm at you, it’s as good as a compliment.
  • Strangers are fascinating. Talk to them.
  • My scream can make your ears bleed.
  • s better.
  • I get these ideas in my head and I have to follow through with them.
  • If you crack your knuckles in front of me I have to crack whatever will on my body.
  • I’ll go to war for you / do everything in my power to help you accompaniment your dreams.
  • I make some weird squeak sound when I get hella excited.
  • If I had a bad dream I’ll be mad at the person in real life for a few hours.
  • When I die I want that to be it for me. I don’t want an afterlife.
    • I still believe in ghost though
  • My nails are always painted even if it’s just a clear coat.
    • Left ring finger and right thumb are always painted a different color than my other nails. 8 years ago my dad told me to do it because it would make me cooler. (It doesn’t but I still do it)
  • The ‘American Dream’ should really be going to Target drunk.
  • Slightly addicted to solitaire. I’ve pulled multiple all nighters playing it.
  • I’d sell my soul if it meant I could be even slightly creative.
  • Socks are always the most acceptable gift.
  • I only use calendars that start on Monday instead of Sunday.
  • Probably in the top ten of the worlds biggest hypocrites.
  • Never trust someone who willing chooses to wear pocketless jeans.
  • If I ever wrote a book the murder would kill people who ask to use their chapstick by giving them one that has poison in it.

  • I do not pronounce the word ‘turn’ correctly. Ever.
  • One time this girl said John Mayer was the original singer of Free falling
    • I walked out of her car and never talked to her again
    • One of my most upsetting moments in life.
  • Boxes of tampons / condom should come with prizes in them like cracker jacks do.
  • Any emotional level under a three or above an eight will make me cry.
  • Adult coloring books are ridiculously stressful.
  • I physically shake. I always just thought that was something that just happened.
    • Turns out it’s just a form of an anxiety.
  • Writing letters is my favorite.
    • So is getting things in the mail.
  • I haven’t changed my hairstyle in over ten years.
  • Sucker for a good sunrise but I still appreciate a good sunset.
  • If I’m not singing along to a song I’m probably counting along to it.
  • Three tattoos. Eight piercings.
  • My nose is constantly stuffy and I’m always sniffling.
  • Pickles disgust me. The smell can make me dry heave.
    • so it the word butter when it is said out loud.
  • Big fan of finger guns and the *pew pew* shooting game with friends.
  • One of my dogs is named after a band and another one is named after a song.
  • There is always a fan on in my room. I can not sleep in a quiet room.
  • I will rewrite a whole sentence if I don’t know how to spell one of the words correctly.
  • My feet haven’t grown since I was in seventh grade.

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